The chances are you’ve seen a different kind of third-party iPhone lenses, all promising to expand the capabilities of the built-in camera. The new HiLO Lens, currently raising money at Kickstarter, does something similar, but it’s much better. The folks behind this project describe using it like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone or iPad.
HiLO Lens is the first right angle lens for the iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPad, supporting a number of different angles:
Low angle – for taking photos of young children and pets
High angle – like a periscope for photographing over a crowd
Wide angle – choose wide or standard, for video and photos
What’s more, with HiLO Lens any surface becomes a tripod – just lay the iPhone down and take it from there; and you can also easily take self portraits and group shots thanks to the accompanying app that enables adjustable shutter delay.
It’s pretty cool and fairly advanced, featuring custom designed optics, which is made with three lenses and a prism that enables users to capture the full field of view (FOV) of the iPhone camera.